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Cambridge Sensors USA manufactures and markets the Microdot brand blood glucose monitoring systems and related products including lancets, disinfection wipes, glucose gel, hot and cold instant packs for the professional healthcare market. Cambridge Sensors position in the diabetes market is to offer value aimed at price sensitive users who want high quality product.

We will ship all Microdot diabetic supplies at no additional cost

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Cambridge Sensors Microdot Glucometer Kit Microdot Glucose Gel InstaGlucose 703-03 Cambridge Sensors Microdot Test Strips 200-50
Microdot Glucometer Starter Kit Microdot Glucose Gel Microdot Test Strips
Cambridge Sensors Microdot Hi Lo Control 120-02 Cambridge Sensors Microdot Lancet 523-23 Cambridge Sensors Microdot Lancet 526-26
Microdot Control Solution Microdot Safety Lancet 23g Microdot Safety Lancet 26g
Cambridge Sensors Microdot Lancet 528-28 Cambridge Sensors Microdot Lancet 530-30 Dynarex 7114 SensiLance 26g Lancet 1880-71426
Microdot Safety Lancet 28g Microdot Safety Lancet 30g 26g Lancet