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Due to the current situation in the United States our inventory of masks, face shields, thermometers, Tyvek coveralls, hand sanitizer, and disinfecting wipes has been exhausted. Although we have several suppliers for each of these items, there are no additional items in the supply chain. We have not been able to get consistent information on when we might see these items again. Every day we are working to secure more of these items for our existing customers. Thank you for your patience during these difficult times.
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Dynarex Tillotson High Risk True Advantage Gloves Dynarex Alcohol Prep Pads 1114 Microdot Bleach Wipes Disinfecting 600-12 4675 Dynarex 1200 Suction Canister DynaVac Glove Box Holder
Microdot Bleach Wipes
Our Price: $150.00
High Risk Nitrile Gloves Alcohol Prep Pads Microdot Bleach Wipes 1200cc Suction Canister Wire Frame 2 Glove Box Holder
Glove Box Holder Glove Box Holder 3M Yellow 1-Tube 28.5 Inch Single Head Chest Piece Disposable Stethoscope - Case of 100 Bajaj Hand Sanitizer Gel AM-HS-S4
Wire Frame 2 Glove Box Holder Wire Frame 3 Glove Box Holder 3M Disposable Stethoscope Hand Sanitizer 4oz