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Defibtech is a leader and innovator in the design of life saving devices. All of Defibtech's products are developed and built in the United States. The lifeline ARM device is comprised of a state-of-the-art compression module paired with a specially designed frame. The Lifeline ARM is designed to accommodate local resuscitation protocols. In accordance with your emergency response procedure during a rescue, you may choose the corresponding softkey button to select between chest compressions only (no breathing) or chest compressions with rescue breaths for performance according to the compressions-with-breaths protocol.
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Defibtech Lifeline ARM CPR Compression Device RAC-N1100GG Defibtech Lineline ARM Carry Case Defibtech Lifeline ARM RBC-1000 RCGF-RBC-U1000NA
Automatic Chest Compression Device Lifeline ARM Carry Case Dual Charging Base
Defibtech Lifeline ARM BP-G1000GG Battery Defibtech Lifeline ARM RPP-G1003GG Patient Pads
Lifeline ARM Patient Pad
Our Price: $92.00
Spare or Replacement Battery Disposable Patient Pads